The Nitty Gritty

Hi! I'm Brandy, the face behind Eleven Seventy-Two! 11.72 is my "Suzy Homemaker" blog where I share my crafty disasters creations, recipes I've tried and any house & home type fodder that catches my whimsy. Initially, I created 11.72 to be shared with my family and my very best friends so they could be tortured entertained by my craft dabbling without inundating all my old high school buddies on Facebook with my creative endeavors. That being said, if this blog leads me to new friendships, that would be phenomenal! I used to have a personal blog many years ago and I still treasure and keep up with many of the friends I made there.

Speaking of personal, since you followed the "About Me" link in the first place, I bet you are just dying to know all the details! Well, it all started in November of 1972....{oh, wait, Eleven Seventy-Two...? Yep, you got it!}...Ok, so I won't bore you with my life story. Actually, it's not boring, I had an amazing childhood but I'll just give you the basics for now.

Born, moved all over the world, married, had two wonderful boys, moved all over the world, divorced, moved on, created a new family and home with the love of my life and dear high school friend, had a gorgeous daughter. I am lucky enough to be a stay-at-home mom. My oldest child is nearly 20 years old and a college sophomore {BOOMER!! SOONER!!}, my 9 year old son has high functioning autism {Asperger's} and is smart as a whip, and my delightfully beautiful Princess is just over a year old.

That's the nutshell version of me. If you want to know all about the 'amazing' stuff I skimmed over (as well as the skeletons in my closet...oh, yeah, baby...I have a few of those bad boys!) then you'll have to spend more time with me!

See how I did that? You're all about clicking the subscribe button now, aren't you? *giggle*