Saturday, December 31, 2011

Labels Schmabels



I really wanted clothing labels to sew into the clothing and other projects I make. I’ve seen some clever and cute ones on Etsy but the cost of having nice quality labels made just to sew into projects for my family’s use or for gifts is unrealistic. Well, this IS a D.I.Y. blog, right? So I tried to make them myself!  I used special fabric made for inkjet printers, made by Avery and purchased at Wal-Mart. I’ve seen several different methods and tutorials for D.I.Y. labels but I decided to just follow the instructions on the package. I designed the labels in my graphics program (Paint Shop Pro), printed them out and then cut them apart using my rotary cutter. I made little external seam tags as well as longer tags meant to go inside clothing, purses, etc. They turned out sorta cute but I still consider my labels a craft FAIL. My three mistakes were: using the color red (it fades to orange when rinsed), the length of the inside label is much too long, I didn’t use fray check and the labels are a little thready. I haven’t given up though, I will try these again soon!


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Behind The Times


Here I am, just days away from the new year and I’m posting my Thanksgiving crafts. I do have a perfectly valid excuse since I nearly died on Thanksgiving Day but it’s time to get back into the swing of things and get this blog off the ground. I’ve actually been crafting quite a bit while recovering from my injury, I just haven’t been posting the results! I will, I promise! Today I’m sharing a couple of sewing projects I did for my two youngest kids for Thanksgiving.

Slice O’ Pie

As I was sewing my daughter’s dress (you’ll see it next) I was feeling guilty about not making something special for my 9 year old son to wear. I knew he wouldn’t appreciate anything too fancy, stuffy or dressy so when I saw this t-shirt over at Random Thoughts of a Supermom, I thought it was perfect!  


I knew I could whip one of these up easily and I knew my son would think it was pretty cool! Here is mine:


Excuse my awful photo, I really thought I’d be able to get a super cute picture of my son actually wearing the shirt and hadn’t originally planned to share this “for my files” snapshot. Sadly, due to my little accident, I wasn’t able to get any photos of him wearing it. As far as constructing the shirt, I did not deviate much from Kelli’s version. I didn’t have a large enough piece of felt for the pie pan except in white so I improvised and made a plate using some ready-made piping around the edge to make it stand out from the white shirt. I also added “It’s a pie thing”. Every piece of the pie and every single letter was hand-stitched on to the t-shirt. I completely forgot to put the cool whip on the slice of pie. Actually, I didn’t forget. I was going to sew it on at the last minute but ya’ll know what happened….I nearly died so that little slice of pie when unadorned but I don’t think it made the shirt any less cute. My son loved it!

Thanksgiving Day Dress

Back to my main project – making my little princess a dress to wear on Thanksgiving Day. I picked up McCall’s M6387 pattern at JoAnn’s, on sale for $1.29! I bought my fabric at JoAnn’s as well:


How CUTE is that fabric?? Again, forgive the awful never-meant-to-be-posted photos.

It’s been a long time since I sewed and I’ve been just warming up so I was thrilled at how well this dress turned out and how easy it was to use the pattern. Look at my pretty stitches! My perfect ruffles! I was so proud of myself, it’s like riding a bike I guess! My only roadblock was the button holes. My sewing machine has a setting (I think?) to help make a rudimentary button hole but I couldn’t remember how and I no longer have the manual. I took the dress to a local sewing machine dealer/fabric retailer.  I asked the salesladies if they knew a seamstress who could make button holes and one of the kind ladies there made them for me on the spot. Dress done!

1172_ThanksgivingDressHem  1172_ThanksgivingDressTop

The dress looked absolutely precious on my little princess. I don’t have pictures of her in the dress for the same reason I didn’t take photos of my son in his shirt but trust me, she was the belle of the ball on Thanksgiving Day!


I can’t wait to sew her a dress for Valentine’s Day but I’ll definitely have to figure out my buttonhole dilemma before then!