Saturday, December 31, 2011

Labels Schmabels



I really wanted clothing labels to sew into the clothing and other projects I make. I’ve seen some clever and cute ones on Etsy but the cost of having nice quality labels made just to sew into projects for my family’s use or for gifts is unrealistic. Well, this IS a D.I.Y. blog, right? So I tried to make them myself!  I used special fabric made for inkjet printers, made by Avery and purchased at Wal-Mart. I’ve seen several different methods and tutorials for D.I.Y. labels but I decided to just follow the instructions on the package. I designed the labels in my graphics program (Paint Shop Pro), printed them out and then cut them apart using my rotary cutter. I made little external seam tags as well as longer tags meant to go inside clothing, purses, etc. They turned out sorta cute but I still consider my labels a craft FAIL. My three mistakes were: using the color red (it fades to orange when rinsed), the length of the inside label is much too long, I didn’t use fray check and the labels are a little thready. I haven’t given up though, I will try these again soon!


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