Saturday, November 12, 2011

Coming “un”-glued…

Plain white school glue + water = homemade Mod Podge® or, as I call it, Un-Mod Podge.


Somehow, once upon a time, I’m pretty sure I already knew this but forgot.
I forget. A lot.
My memory (or lack thereof) is why I take copious notes, bookmark everything
and have to check my calendar before I so much as sneeze.

The original Mod Podge® runs about $5 for 16 oz. I made a 16 oz. jar for $2.
$2 doesn’t seem like tremendous savings but it’s 60% less and has worked just as well for me, so far!
Bonus: I can spend the $3 I saved on more craft goodness!

{I’m not crediting or linking this idea to anywhere in particular since it looks like I am the only one
who forgot, this recipe is found all over Blog land.}

The only problem with making Un-Mod Podge is…the technique. It’s technical.
And involves several steps.

Step 1: Eat Salsa
Step 2: Clean the Salsa jar
Step 3: Paint the lid.
Step 4: Pour two 4oz bottles of generic white school glue into the jar.
Step 5: Add 8oz of water on top
Step 6: Screw on lid
Step 7: SHAKE!

See? I told you.
*wipes sweat from brow*

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