Friday, November 11, 2011

My Twisted Son

Today’s crafty share is a digital scrapbook layout.
I have dabbled in graphic design for many, many years –
way back when country-style web sets and leaving blog gifties
while blog-hopping was the norm and flashing blinkies were all the rage.


You remember these, don’t you? They were everywhere on the internet!
What were we thinking?
Were we trying to turn the entire world wide web into one giant Vegas strip?
(Pssst….I still “got it”, whipped this “old school” baby up in less than 3 minutes!)

In all of those years of designing web graphics and print graphics I doggedly avoided every forms of actual scrapbooking. I just didn’t get it and had no interest in venturing into either paper or digital scrapbooking. Fast forward to this century and now, well, I’m trying to expand all my crafty and creative horizons. Here I am, digi-scrapping for the first time. I’m not that good at it but I’m determined to master the craft so when I found out that the Bite-Sized Scrapbooking subscription is now free, I joined immediately. If you aren’t familiar with Bite-Sized Scrapbooking, it’s an email subscription service for people who think they are too busy to have time to scrap. You get three weekly emails that walk you through designing a layout with the goal of completing one layout a week. You can do traditional paper layouts, digital layouts or mix it up and do both! It’s GREAT. I’ve only just finished Week 1 and I already can’t wait to see what Week 2 brings. Unfortunately, the creator of the service will be discontinuing the service on January 27th so if you want to join, sign up NOW. I’m sad because I just discovered the service but I understand Kim’s reasoning, which she explains here, on her blog.

The subject of my first layout for Bite-Sized Scrapbooking is my 19 year old son, Chae. He’s away at college -- the University of Oklahoma, to be exact. (Boomer, Sooner!!). Chae watched the movie Twister for the first time when he was 5 years old and was hooked. For years he wanted to be a storm chaser/meteorologist. That plan changed as college approached but he still never lost his love of all things weather – especially wicked weather. The other day, Chae had an opportunity to scratch that tornado chase off of his bucket list. The photos and video he shared were amazing but I am very thankful he shared with me after the chase was over! This layout commemorates his crazy brave chase and celebrates the amazing things that can happen when we “dance in the rain”.

My Twisted Son

Inspiration LO: "Top Ten" by Kelly Goree.

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